Stephane Etienne

WorldRiderZ is the story of Stephane, a 39-year-old father who has decided to say no to fatality. A French entrepreneur who moved to Australia. His life changed completely at his son’s birth born with severe kidney disease. In 2009, he created WorldRiderZ – an international programme for consciousness-raising of chronic kidney disease.

Since his early age, Stephane’s passions are in sports and nature. It’s on his motorbike that he travelled across continents . After a while spent on the roads, Australia is the country he decided to settle and live for 14 years (birthplace of his son in 2009).

His professional career started at 24 years old, as an entrepreneur. Self-employed but father above all, he is very committed to his parenting duties and family. The love for his children lead him to change in may 2009 his live around and spend his time and strength to support Kidney disease prevention.

Stephane launched himself on a mission, a 25,000-km journey from Sydney to Paris called WORLDRIDERZ. His determination led him to carry a prevention flag for CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). Confident we can help prevent being affected with this disease, he travels around the world to raise awareness and meets valuable people helping in his quest (His Holiness the Dalai Lama, governments officials, doctors, patients). WORLDRIDERZ became a TV documentary, which was picked up by Discovery Channel. Eric Favre, the French Regional Olympic Committee – CROSCA and UNSS (French Union of Sport) are proud supporters of Stephane, whose main target is to share with passion, curiosity and his sporting spirit across multi-level platforms his health key messages.

Stephane’s main wish: ‘I have to do all that’s possible to make it all progress. I owe that to my son.’



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