Season 2 > WORLDRIDERZ kicks off from Disneyland Paris

Stephane Etienne gets back on the road with Paul Torriero, his Canadian friend who rode with him in season 1. The two bikers will travel across North America on their Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere motorcycles.

  • Same cause : chronic kidney disease.
  • Same target : prevention and awareness.
  • Same strategy : hospital visits, meeting doctors, patients and locals, as well as interacting with media and various personalities along the way.

They will travel from Paris to England, then fly with their bikes to Vancouver, starting point of their trip across Canada. They will travel across Canada, down to New York and then throughout parts of the USA, finally returning to Vancouver at journey’s end. A total of 4 countries visited and over 25,000 km in around 3 months on the road. The adventure will be filmed and broadcasted on Discovery Channel in early 2013.

Season 2 of WORLDRIDERZ is the result of the incredible energy and motivation from a family that refuses to give up. Their son Ilhan was born on the 4th of april 2009 in Sydney, suffering from hypoplastic kidneys, Stephane decided to overcome the tragedy and make this a strength. He realised the dramatic proportions of kidney disease around the world and the lack of information available. They have been motivated to do something about it and try to make a difference. Join now and help them growing WORLDRIDERZ.