vignette_ski_slideshowThe concept remains simple, Stephane will undertake a set of exclusive challenges sport orientated in order to physically put himself to a total mental and physical test. Armed with his mental strength and determination, Stephane wishes to show that anything is possible to overcome even when facing a harsh diagnosis.

Those challenges may not be all filled with success but what matters here remains the focus, attitude and positive spirit. You can join us too and become an active supporter and share your mental strength, attitude and story. Simply use the contact form to get in touch.




The Academy of Cross-Country Championship

Through its partnership with the UNSS-Nice and the Olympic Committee and sports – CROSCA, WORLDRIDERZ with ERIC FAVRE SPORT will go to the front of the youth during this day of feet! Support of its partners with any of the Sport & Health device which will be made available to young people and their supervisors….

16 septembre 2015

The day National Sport in Nice with 300 young people

In the context of “the year of Sport of the school to the University” initiated by the ministries of Education, youth and Sport, ERIC FAVRE SPORT was present around partners the UNSS-Nice, CROSCA and with the association WORLDRIDERZ in “The day national du Sport school” on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. We were to…