Eric Favre

With his athlete’s shape, cowboy boots, some energy to spare, Eric Favre has hardly the profile of the classic businessman. It did not stop him from establishing, in 1993, the 3 Chenes Laboratory, today in the top 20 biggest laboratories in France.

Grandson of farmers, Eric works in the fields with his grandfather since he is 5 years old and is raised with strong values: patience, taste of effort, work, courage, love.
Graduated of naturopathy and iridology, nutrition orthomoléculaire, international sports coach, he lead numerous conferences on well-being, personal development and management around the world. He is also the author of 9 books on health and sport the last one is it’s autobiography ” Born wild, peasant, and entrepreneur “, redrawing his route and revealing the values which allowed him this ascent.

Eric Favre always wanted to share his knoweldge around well-being and health for the public. Close to his grandfather who dedicated his life to earth and physical work, Eric Favre became aware of the work to do to improve well-being for his elder sons, and against sarcopeny.
Being persuaded that each of us holds the keys of his own well-being, he developped a brand called eponym to offer the best of nature to people willing to improve their health and lifestyle.
Undernutrition, physical weakening, Eric Favre seals its commitment by giving access to people most interested in food supplements and method of sport training improving their everyday life.

Dedicated sportsman, he supports other sportsmen in their discipline, with as the main objective to optimize their performance, improve their endurance, increase the recovery process and avoid injuries.
The ERIC FAVRE SPORT brand becomes the reference in the world of the sports nutrition and MACS7 Smart Performance in the physical preparation.
Self-taught, instinctive and free, this atypical businessman is today in 52 years at the head of a 30 million euro group, employing 150 people and sales locations across over fifty countries.




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