Stephane EtienneStephane EtienneLearn more

Stephane Etienne, a 38-year-old father who decided to say no to the fatality. Expatriate entrepreneur in Australia, his life is turned upside down at the birth of his son with kidney disease.

Today, he devoted himself body and soul to this cause by his involvement in many sporting challenges and a chronic kidney disease awareness international programme through the creation of WorldRiderZ in 2009…

Eric FavreEric FavreLearn more

Stature of athlete, cowboy boots, energy to spare, Eric Favre is hardly the profile of the classic businessman. This has not prevented him to found, in 1993, the laboratory Les 3 Chênes which ranks today among the 20 most large laboratories in France.
Grandson of peasant, Eric works the fields with his grandfather since he was 5 years old and is raised with strong values: patience, taste of the effort and work, courage, love…